Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring, maybe?

Looking out the kitchen window, I'm glad to see the mini-daffodils are making a show, the grass is green, and maybe the willows are even starting to turn yellow.  Still pretty "brown" around here.  The deciduous trees are bare.
Makes it VERY hopeful to see the daffodils!

I had a four day visit with my friend Sue in Richmond, Virginia, and spring is much further along there.  The azaleas were popping their bright pink in many yards.  And the DOGWOODS!  Wow, everywhere.

I'm behind on learning the music for Women's Chorus, and we are singing five songs at our rehearsal church this Sunday.  So I'll be busy with thtat this week.



Got good help at the rehearsal last night
Sun is shining today
Kindle travels well

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cityquilter said...

sara, you all are ahead of us spring-wise, i've only seen 1-2 daffodils in bloom here in maine. i was in baltimore a couple of weeks ago and it's like early summer there...