Monday, November 30, 2009

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery

Okay, I missed two clues while away in St. Louis, so this AM I started work on the 192 "twosies" that are the first half of the first step in "Carolina Christmas".

Lynne and I had paid a visit to the famous fabric store Jackman's while in St. Louis. There we found lovely batiks for a quilt for their bedroom. AND I found a terrific gold/mustard paisley print for the mystery.

I have decided to substitute Black for Bonnie's Green in the Xmas quilt. This will make it less tied to a season, and I hope it will be very striking: Red, Yellow,and Black (with neutral background). Everything but the Yellow will be scrappy, multiple fabrics and a range of tones/values.

Now back to the sewing room!


Family Thanksgiving

On Saturday afternoon Martha coralled us all into Babys 'R Us for a family photo.
So here we are: Charlie and me in the front row, our son Peter and his wife Lynne, and our daughter Martha with her husband John and their three kids: the combined Homeyer and Thomas family.



Great time together with the above folks and more!
Saturday their school WON the football championship, Sami in band.
Safe and uneventful travel on Wed. and Sunday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UFO countdown #3

I must have made this top three, four, five years ago at a workshop utilizing Ricky Timm's idea of "Convergence" quilts. I finished making the top at the workshop. Then I took it home and was in trouble.

In the body of the quilt I wanted to have a different quilting pattern for each of the matching segments.

This is why it was a UFO for so long! I couldn't figure out what patterns to use.

Finally I was told about a blogger who is demonstrating 365 filler quilt patterns, one each day. I have been watching each day and getting ideas. One of the patterns she gave instructions for was "Sea Oats". That's the last one I needed to finish this off. Thank goodness for other bloggers and the helps they give out to the ethernet!

Here's a close up of some of my wavy quilting. In the block the waves are closer and smaller. In the border they are much gentler. Just make it wavy enough so folks don't think you meant to make it straight!

Today I finished the quilting, found the binding I had made long ago, sewed that on (ran out of the "right" thread and substituted another), and VOILA!

So I can head off on an 8 hour drive to Thanksgiving celebrations with this off my mind. St. Louis, here we come!



Another finish
Got my ipod loaded up with the music I need to learn
Charlie finished the laundry

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What? Another doll quilt?

You see, I was cutting up the scraps, and I found a pile of two patches. So just to get them organized, I sewed them together.

And then there was a perfect border scrap lying in the pile . So I just added a little more white with that.

And then there was a half yard of a Guild fabric for a challenge two years ago. . . which made a perfect outer border.

And then there was that polar fleece blanket that I had cut into four pieces for Doll Quilt backings...and the color was just right!



Sermon on how Jesus' idea of "king" isn't our idea
Afternoon walk in the sun with Charlie and Zeke
Yummy salmon for dinner

Friday, November 20, 2009

Applique paperweight?

I haven't heard from "gayleb", so I will move on to another follower for the 300th post gift. "Sarah Star" please contact me!

At the Bee meeting last night I received this gorgeous round box and paperweight from my Secret Sister. It looks to me like a fantastic applique pattern. I'm going to enjoy it just as it is however, since applique and I do not mix.

I spent most of this day trying to get an audio recording device that is compatible with my new iMac. I had no idea this would be so complicated. Turns out I not only need a very specific device, but also a very special (additional) set of earphones. I visited three different stores--each of them TWICE. Made two returns, and finally at 4:30 started home with a pair of items that WILL work. Now I just have to learn the procedure to make it happen while I am in the crunch place between two pieces of music at Women's Chorus rehearsal.

[Now why can't I use the font I like best in Blogger? Is this another Apple problem?]

I need to get a UFOI finished this week...Ooops, that's only one more day!



Charlie's night to make dinner, so I could recuperate from my trips
Slowly the music is getting into my head
Three quilts went to Catherine for quilting

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UFO backings

One of the things that slows down my completion of UFOs is -- finding or making the back! I am so relieved when the top is finished that I DON'T want to spend any more time with it. Hmm, this means it is really not completed.

Today I was sewing a back a la Bonnie Hunter, out of 10.5" squares. But as you can see, I was lazier than Bonnie is. I cut whole strips that are 10.5". And I don't therefore have to match all the corners that Bonnie has to match.

I was happy to find that sometime previously I had sewn quite a few of these pieces into long strips. I only had to add a few more blocks to make them up to the right length. They are now the right length and I am in the process of sewing the long strips together.

I hope to have two quilts, with their necessary backs, to give to my LA quilter tomorrow at our bee meeting.



Dentist smoothed off my ragged front tooth in just 30 minutes
Chili and corn for supper
Made some progress on learning music at tonight's bass sectional

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eyes improved, and computer

[This view of my eyes is caused by my untrained use of the "red-eye" elimination button on my new computer. Now I can't reverse those raccoon eyes!]

My every-four-week-checkup with the eye specialist was this afternoon. Good news! My sight stayed improved and so I had NO injection for this appointment. Now I am to be "hyper-vigilant" about any changes to my vision for the next four weeks. Meanwhile...couldn't focus my eyes for six hours because of the dilation drops.

Also I have not been doing any quilting because of the arrival of said new computer.
I am "transitioning" to an iMac, desktop from a regular PC, so I'm finding that I don't know how to do some of the things I used to know how to do. For instance, at this moment the printer won't print because it is "offline". I don't know how to make it be "online".

Otherwise I am trying to memorize the Macedonian words to one of the songs our Grand Rapids Women's Chorus has scheduled for our Winter concert next month. Hmm...some things do NOT get easier with age.

AND....This is my 300th blog post. So I am drawing a name from my "Followers" to received the little quilt pictured in the last post. The winner is "gayleb". Please send me your snail mail address so I can get it out to you!


Breakfast with friends
eye improvement
Charlie able to be my driver

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second UFO

Four blocks left from the Strip Twist made the middle of this medallion. Two borders make it about 26" square.

I tried to "freehand" the quilting--"branches" in the colorful part, "pebbles" in the pebbled part, and wavy lines in the ocean part.
What on earth is it good for? This is an odd size--just what they call a "table topper", I guess.
Well, it COULD be a prize for someone for my 300th blog post. If you want your name in the drawing for whatever the give-away is, sign up to be a "Follower" of my blog, over tothe right someplace.
Meanwhile, I am going off the air for a day or two while my computer files are transitioned over to my new iMac. [Hope this all works as easily as they claim!]
Still able to get through the hour of exercise class
Found birthday present for grandson
OUT to dinner tonight

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First UFO finished in Countdown

Bound, washed, dried and on the table for dinner tonight, a Flying Geese "double" placemat. We sat opposite each other and enjoyed the setting for tilapia, red chard, and homemade bread. And we even had dessert: Key Lime CAKE by Pepperidge Farm.

I'm on to the next UFO, another small one. I had earlier put together four leftover blocks from the batik Strip Twist, so I have a central medallion. Now I'm framing it with two borders.

Now a little knitting of another SECOND sock while watching the World Series. Come on, Phillies!



I have enough money to buy shampoo for the homeless
Good book for study group: The Known World
New Apple desktop computer delivered today

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Til the End of the Year. ....

Time to get cracking on finishing some UFOs!

Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio is inviting/challenging all crafters to make space for "Joy in The New Year" by clearing out UFOs. That will make the New Year free-er and more creative.
I am committing myself to completing one per week, that is NINE.
Click here if you want to join in

So here's the one I'm working on right now:

The strip of Flying Geese and the strips of red squares have been hanging on the back of the sewingroom room divider for months and months. Suddenly I saw that they could go together to make a "double" placemat for Charlie and me. We usually sit across from each other at the diningroom table, across the width of the table. I think this can lie from his side to my side, and we will each have a placemat out of it. And spcae in the middle for salt & pepper, etc.

I am at the point of quilting it now. A great advantage of these smaller items, such as the doll quilts, is that I can quilt them myself on my own machine.

AND in four more posts I'll be at #300, so a little give-away [one of the finished UFO's, of course] is being planned. It will go to one of my "followers" on Blogger. Sign up if you want a chance!



Charlie home from trip to St. Louis

He bought me a new Apple desktop computer, soon to be delivered

Finally got the scilla bulbs planted under the Bur Oak