Sunday, September 26, 2010

Log Cabin Bordered

After a lot of singing and fun at the Chorus Retreat, I came home this afternoon and was able to finish putting the borders on the Log Cabin quilt.

Though this red fabric looks crumpled, it is not. But it does look quite rich, and feels very soft. I will put the remaining cloth with the top for binding after it is quilted by the women at Margaret's Hope Chest.



Lots of music at the retreat
Lots of laughter at the retreat
Blessed quiet when I was home

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quick -- before another retreat!

I am rushing to get the borders on two of the quilt tops from the SpoolSpinners' retreat. Right now it is the Log Cabin top. I have added a narrow light border, and am measuring the wider red border for addition.

Last night I finished the borders on the "Connected Spools" quilt. I had quite a few 4-patches left in my bin, and so with two muslin-like borders to set them off, this top is done. I will hand both on the Margaret's Hope Chest.

The rush was on because my chorus, The Grand Rapids Women's Chorus, is having our fall retreat beginning this afternoon for Saturday and Sunday. We will make a start on learning our new music, eat and play together, and have our traditional "No Talent Talent Show".



Lynne thought of a "No Talent" she and I can do together
Good fellowship on the Reunion overnight in Saugatuck
Found a vegetarian casserole recipe

Friday, September 24, 2010

SpoolSpinners Retreat, Part 3

Next I attacked the UFO stack of Log Cabin blocks. sewing them into rows and columns.

I had used some pretty bight fabrics in these, but as usual for a distance they devolve into simply lights and darks. [After I got home I saw that one block is turned the wrong way, and I corrected it.]

And lest you should think we only worked and worked and worked--we did have FUN too! Here are a few of the gals one evening enjoying "Pudding Shots" -- which are made from a little instant pudding, and a stiff shot of vodka with liqueur for flavoring.

Thank you Donna for making them again!

The quilt top I previously could not get to load. Now it worked!

Altogether, a fun and very productive retreat. Now I have a few matters to finish off and I will be able to take credit for some UFO finishes.



Dianne's work to set up the retreat.
Meals all prepared for us.
Lynne's birthday dinner afterwards.

SpoolSpinner Retreat, Part 2

Friday afternoon I put these borders on the black and red quilt top I made up on Beaver Island. The border blocks were mostly leftover from the center.

Then I pulled out another UFO of pinwheels [leftovers from a long ago baby quilt]. I figures I could make this big enough for a SMALL baby quilt. There were various strips in the bag with these blocks, so I didn't have to spend much time thinking on this one:

I handed this off to Susan for her collection.

Then I took the remaining strips and made another top. But I can't get Blogger to upload that photo. It was so pleasing to me that after sleeping on the idea, I am not ready to give it away.


SpoolSpinner Retreat, Part 1

Last week I was away at our Bee's annual retreat for three nights. What did I accomplish?

First, I finished the borders on the Emerald Forest quilt for Peter and Lynne:

Then I got the back put together using extra sunflower fabric, some new green batik, and leftover portions of the blocks from the front:

Those two pieces were then ready to hand on to my Long-arm quilter.
There were more scraps, most of which I had sewn into strips as the occurred. I put them together in a small table-topper or wall quilt:

The next day I sewn together this set of UFO blocks. The blocks were all in a bag together, so that wasn't much work! I did not have any fabric along with me that was suitable for borders, so this was then put away. Hope to get this up to Twin sized.

More in another post!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peace Park Dedication

Cascade Township officially opened "our" park last Saturday. The tent roof was put to use as a drizzle started falling along with the speeches.

DH Charlie talked about how his parents' interest in nature began his interest, and it made a nature park a good way to use their charitable trust money. [Our donation only got the ball rolling. The township passed a dedicated millage, and got a grant of $1.2 million from the Michigan DNR Trust.]
Charlie also gave a prayer of invocation quoting Chief Seattle.

I read "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry.

And a large group of folks cut the ribbon which was across the pathway. My scissors didn't work.

The next day we went to the park again to show it to some friends, and we were delighted to cross paths with two other families hiking the meadow!

Now the quilting pictures:

Lynne's quilt -- "Letter box" or "Kleenex Box". Her choice of design and fabrics. I put the center of the top together up on Beaver Island. Now I am using parts of extra blocks for the border. Gotta make it big enough for a Queen bed with 16" drop.

And this is the other top I finished on B.I. I will take both tops to the retreat tomorrow and get the borders finished. Then I will hand them over to Catherine for quilting. Both of these were started THIS year, so I don't count them as UFOs yet.

Additionally I will take only real UFOs as retreat projects. I am behind schedule for getting two done a month. I hope I can finish some small ones completely. Or at least make a lot of progress.

Three nights/four days of quilting retreat at a 4 H conference center, which provides all our meals! Yea!

I will report on Monday.



Peace Park is in use!
BLTs for dinner
Made four packages of pesto for the winter

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beaver Island Tales

I did manage to get my machine and its table into the car along with all our other gear. Some time was spent every day on piecing. Two tops were put together. My third project was not started.

The path down to Lake Michigan from our cottage, and Squaw Island on the horizon. Sometimes we could also see the U.P. [Upper Peninsula].

And we got the same view from our dining/reading/card-playing table.

Access to Beaver Island is by boat or airplane; ferry in the background with large opening in the back for car entry. Large fence due to Homeland Security!

Man "playing" with dog while enjoying view of lake and glass of wine.

St. James Episcopal Chapel on Beaver Island. Charlie taking the service there earns us the use of the cottage.

We had a good time, and even got two extra days because of gale force winds which cancelled all the ferry crossings. No problem for us retired folks.



Enjoyable vacation in a familiar place
Pleasant guests for part of the time
And yet, glad to be home again, where we still have our new porch!