Friday, March 30, 2012

Tenor Baby

One of the gals in out yenor section is expecing a baby in May,  anad I was able to get the binding on this one in time efor a shower this Sunday/

And here's the back:

Lots more bright colors for a girl whose Mom is called Tango.



Managed to attend most of a bass sectional
Charlie keeps taking good care of me
Sewing helps my mental health

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One binding done

 Put the red binding on this one in the last two days, so that was some good time spent at the sewing machine/  Sent it off with two others to the Guild collection tonight for the local neonatal department.

And here is the cray back.



Told them to go a little easier on the exercises today and they did

Monday, March 26, 2012

Actually quilting

Got my necessary cutting gear moved to the kitchen counter and trimmed off th edges of three quilts.  So I am actually at work again sewing.

First Aqua physical therapy today, and it went "swimmingyt" until I exited teh pool and gravity took full effect.  WOW was I sxhausted!



DH drives me everywhere

Great, late birthday dinner by Lynne
Ear;y daffodils are brightening the scene

Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Back slowly

While in the rehab facility I used a machine that passively moved my leg from straight to bent.  This did not really count as exercize but it was to keep some motion before everything froze.  I could certainly feel when it was pushing my limits.

But I am going to return to the subject of Quilting.  Nothing was accomplished by me during the last three weeks  However, my Secret Sister sent me not only seven cards for my seventieth birthday, but she also sent me a scrap of fabric for each decade,  There's quite a variety of prints beginning with a fun Birthday print.

Also my long arm quilter Catherine kept working, and I now have received back five quilts that need to be trimmed and then bound.

I hope I will be able to slowly make progress with these, at least to have a few to turn in to the Guild collection on Tuesday.



nurses with gentle hands
dear husband's continuing care
my own bed at last

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old leg, new look

First view, bandaged knee and ankle/calf pump, to prevent blood clots,

Changing bandage reveals. . . . . .no staples!  Only Steri-strips.  Nurse is shocked, I was oblivious.

Tuesday I moved from hospital to rehab facility.  Physical therapy is exhausting.  Having some bitchy moments.



Lots of helpful staff
Charlie taking care of so much
Beautiful flower from P & L

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old knee, last time

 Well, here it is, after the wipe down at home with the surgical prep cloths.

Doesn't look too bad from the outside, does it?

We're off from home at 9:00 AM for a scheduled 11:30 surgery.  I hope I am alert and aware enough to take another photo sometime this afternoon or evening, just bandages I assume.  I figure I might as well document this.  If I am tempted to have the other knee corrected, I'll be better able to remember what was involved.

Good news from our St. Louis family:  Sara Rachel had her first real "solution" treatment for ITP (loss of platelets), and it went well!
She came home right after the infusion was done, and we saw her on iChat, mugging for the camera.



Good medical treatment right here in our home town
Kathie can loan me a walker
Charlie is my comfortable "home care provider"