Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Orca Bay, Step #1

Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery is called "Orca Bay", inspired by a scenic view she had there.  Step #1 was making 224 hourglass blocks that are to be 2.5 inches square and made of black and neutrals.  Here is a basket with the majority and a few on the mat to show the size.

Now I do need to tell you that I cut too many strips and ended up making about 305 of these blocks.  But as it happened, some of them came out TOO SMALL.  How that happened I don't know.  However, about 230 of them are the RIGHT size.

I now have about 70 that I had to cut down to 2 inches [peaking out on the left of the photo].  This kind of error explains why I always have plenty of "orphan blocks". These will go in the drawer labelled "2 inch squares" for now, and at some future point they will be discovered to be Just The Thing I was needing for a doll quilt or some other project.

Bonnie's other colors for the mystery are Red and an accent of Blue.   Step #2 requires the making of 72 strip pieced blocks, using her blue.  I'm trying to decide . . . not real enamoured of the idea of Red and Blue.  Maybe darker tones of yellow instead of blue?  Need to make a decision and get going on these because Step #3 will come out on Friday.



DD Martha helped me learn a new step for my iPhone
Last GRWC before-concert rehearsal last night went well
A quiet day with lots of sewing time

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend results

Finished this pair of socks on the 8-hour drive to and from St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure how long ago they were started, but a long time.

They fit me right now, but I have put them in the wash to see how well this brand of SuperWash wool goes through the cycle.  Then I'll try them on again.

Now I can start a new wool, and I have plenty to choose from.

SIL John making Thanksgiving rolls.

Last day's breakfast table.



Safe and fairly quick travel
Good times with the family
Getting to know Peter and Lynne's new puppy, Barak

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 Doll Quilt #6

Okay, I couldn't seem to stop. I made one more.

A single Log Cabin block made up of pinks and reds with a little orange thrown in too.  And I found two strips of pink and white squares that seemed to fit.

And a strip of paper dolls left over from last year that could be inserted into the backing.

Now I REALLY have to work on the gift for my Secret Sister, which is due on December 15.



Enjoyed good china for Sunday breakfast
Cough is getting better with allergy pills
Tho TV is acting strange, I don't miss it

Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Doll Quilt #4 & #5

Those bright squares I showed you turned into this semi-African style doll quilt.  The center is actually a sashed nine-patch.  I had a little of the gray and white batik left in my stash, and I thought that would blend with sections of the blocks and make the whole thing more mysterious!

I used a totally traditional print on the back.  Just my contrary nature displaying itself.

After I turned these in at our evening Bee meeting, I continued on with some Chinese Coins strips I had found in the Orphan Box.

With white sashing, it remained looking a little DULL.  So in the end I chose a bright striped backing and a different orange stripe for the binding.

I think that is the end of the Doll Quilts for this year.  They are pretty quick to make, and I have fun getting one done a day.  But now, I need to work on other things.

1] Finish learning my music for the GRWC concert on the first Sat. in December.
2] Finish a gift for my Secret Sister.
3] Think some more about Bonnie Hunter's new I want to commit myself or not?



Warm house, as the outside temps go down
Vernor's gingerale
Re-reading Stieg Larsson's novels

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Doll Quilt #3

Five "orphan" asterisk blocks, also from Beaver Island Retreat last year.  There was a sixth one, but it didn't have enough contrast for the asterisk to show well.

And here's the back.
This one is 17" square; they seem to be getting smaller as I imagine different kinds of dolls.

The Orphan box still has more goodies that can be utilized.
The next set of 3" blocks are eight in number.  Perhaps the green of the cutting mat is not such a bad choice for sashing!



Sun shining as temps go down
Breakfast with friends
Grandson John's 14th birthday today

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Doll Quilt #2

I made five wonky flower blocks at the Beaver Island Retreat last year, ands they rested in my Orphan box.  Now they are the bases for another Doll Quilt with a good sized piece of hearts fabric.

The back is made up of more pink leftover strips.

This one is 20" x 20".



Balmy weather makes easy walking
More Orphan blocks still to use
Chorus friend died peacefully in her sleep

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Doll quilt #1

Just remembered that this is our Guild month for collecting doll quilts to go with the dolls our Santa Claus Girls give away in December.  Luckily I have some Orphan blocks biding their time for a project!

There were three of these chopped up Four-patches in the box, so I made a fourth, sewed them together and found some fabulous border and backing fabric.  This is one HOT doll quilt!'

Now to turn the backing over to the front as binding...



Duvet on the bed for the winter cold nights
Helpful Orphan Box
Shrimp and crusty bread for dinner

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Many Trips"

These nine 12.5" blocks are the November choice for the Block Lotto group.  Required was a black or very dark diagonal.  Between yesterday and today I finished the maximum allowed into the Lotto, which is nine this month.

These are fairly easy to make, and are a good way to use up some of the 2.5" strips I have stored in a box together.  In less than a week I could have enough to make a charity quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest.

Peter fixed us a nice chicken dinner last night, and we showed our photos from the Mediterranean.  That reminded us that we had a pretty darned good time!

Charlie waiting in Mykonos for the ferry to Delos next to an overloaded motorbike, not his.

My cough seems to be subsiding slowly.  The prescribed cough syrup does allow me to sleep for most of the night.  Chorus basses are having a sectional rehearsal tonight, and again I think I will mostly listen and try to record the correct notes.  Winter Concert is December 3.



Trip to eye doctor today took less time than usual, tho' still needed an injection
Able to do a little sewing after only three hours of recovery
Snow in the air, but it is not sticking so far!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Back from Mediterranean

Here are a few highlights from our trip.

The front of the Duomo [cathedral] in Florence, decorated with many shades of marble.

The Bridge of Angels, statues by Bernini across the Tiber River in Rome.

View of Greek theater from the Acropolis in Athens.

Lion Gate to the ancient city of Mycenae [lions are carved in the triangle over the opening].

Wine tasting on the edge of the volcanic caldera of the Island of Santorini.

I came down with throat crud on the third day, sore throat and coughing, and still have it.  Slowed me down some on the excursions.  But what a lot of fabulous sites we saw!


Now I am catching up on the mail, etc.

Today I finished two Scrap Bee blocks for Melinda.  She asked for any style of STAR made of scraps in a particular color. So here's a wonky 8 pointed yellow star and an orange wonky Friendship Star.


Taking my sore throat to Women's Chorus rehearsal tonight to LISTEN, not sing or breathe on anyone.



All the travel connections went smoothly
Lost a half a pound!!!
Wonderful memories