Monday, November 19, 2012

Some finishes!

The Tropical Garden is ready to be gifted.  I received the tropical backing fabric from my neighbor, and had set it aside for this one.  Yesterday I finished the binding which was started on retreat.  I used the completely-machine-sewn-binding method, found the blanket stitch really did make the backside of the binding look a little better than the straight stitch.

And the fourth doll quilt, Wonky Sixteen Patch, also got its backing, quilting and binding finished. I get a kick out of the black and white stripe binding!

We are packing up for our trip to St. Louis for Thanksgiving turkey and football.  Granddaughter Samantha is a high school senior, a cheerleader, and marching band student director.  Big final football game of her "career" this year, and lots of family doings.

I'm taking knitting for hand work.  Here's my knitting bag with the current sock on the top.

Underneath I have charcoal grey and leftover yarns to start another pair with haphazard stripes, maybe on the way home.  Eight hours in the car, sharing the driving still should give me 3-4 hours for progress.


Therapeutic massage
Michigan dried cherries
Prius for good mileage


beebee said...

pretty pinwheels...I enjoy visiting your blog.
The quilts I make are light weight because it does not get too cold here in the south. I keep one on my bed year round and when it turns cold, I just put another one on top!
Stop by my blog if you have the time. I love to hear from people
hugs from Louisiana

cityquilter grace said...

love the colorful quilt AND backing too! have a wonderful holiday, drive safe....there's more quilting to be done!

Carol Ingells said...

Sara, so good to see these posts on your blog. I hadn't checked recently, so was delighted to find the beautiful photos, reflections and thanksgivings. I rejoice that you are walking, reading and quilting once again. Many blessings!