Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally a UFO finish!

Here's what I had.

I went to a quilting retreat in 2005, and one of the exchanges involved making several black and white nine-patches with a colored center. When we were together, we were instructed to sign each white patch and then cut the nine-patch into quarters. It was these quarters which we exchanged, ending up with the signature of each other Retreater.

These blocks sat in a stack for a couple of years, and then just to "solidify the stack" I sewed them together. So now I have had this piece for a year or so.

I'm not going to see these people again. It was a one time thing, far from home.

Today I decided to cut it into strips, eliminating the signatures, and then see what I could do with the strips. Maybe I would just throw them away, or maybe not.

The strips laid nicely together, and then I remembered that our Guild will be collectiing doll quilts in November for the Santa Claus Girls. This could be a DOLL quilt, for a very with-it child. One strip wasn't quite the same, but I used it anyway! Just a little whacky.

With the wild and crazy border fabric, I sized it up to 21"x22". Bound and quilted at home this afternoon. So Finn, I finished the first of 5 UFOs I said I'd do before Dec. 31.

Now I just have to buy a with-it doll to match!



Good meeting with photos of our wished for Nature Park
High hopes that the millage will pass on Nov. 4
Sunshine on the fall foliage today


True Blue Nana said...

The black and white is so dramatic. What a great idea for a retreat. you can remember each person.

BrendaS said...

it's great in its repurposed format. I agree with you about not needing the signature squares of people you don't know. could you bring yourself to throw those parts away?

Nancy said...

What a creative use for these blocks and some little girl will be thrilled with her bright cheery (contemporary) doll quilt! Much better than sitting on a shelf in your closet.

Helen in the UK said...

What a fantastically creative way of using those siggie squares!! Loads of fun and will be loved by a bright, funky girl. Congrats on your first challenge finish :)