Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daughter of Whacky Basket

Here is an old photo of our Whacky Baskets quilt, before the binding was put on.

When the SpoolSpinners Bee made all the Whacky Baskets for our raffle quilt (given to the Guild for the Quilt Show in early October), we made double the number needed so that we could make a second quilt. That way we could have our our "lottery" among the Bee members for the second quilt.

I have charge of the "second" quilt (not shown yet), but even after that top was made, there were more blocks left.

Lynda DeVries said that she would make some additional items so that MORE of the Bee members could have something. This month she brought them to our meeting---and she had made enough for EVERYONE!

Here is mine.
They are covers for spiral notebooks. She put this lime green binding around all of them.

These are so much fun!

By the luck of the draw, my notebook uses a basket that myself had made. I plan to use it to keep a diary of my quilting progress.

Thanks, Lynda!


RED red maples along the driveway
Only one more week of policial advertisements
Ready-made meatballs


Mary said...

I LOVE this basket quilt. I have a need to one day make two basket quilts - one traditional and one liberated. This one is just gorgeous!

Penny said...

It makes a very cheerful cover for your notebook.