Monday, May 17, 2010

Garlic mustard again

I've been out to Cascade Peace Park twice this month to help PULL Garlic mustard. This is a pernicious plant that sends out enormous numbers of seeds and then shades out our native wild flowers. It has white flowers the second year and these triangular leaves. As Charlie and I take our walks along our own street, we see it growing on the roadside. So yesterday we each took a plastic grocery bag and pulled until the bag was full. {This plant cannot be composted because it still sets and disperses seed after being pulled. It has to be bagged tightly and put in the garbage.]

Where the pavement ends on Quiggle Ave., the property owner has been logging. So sad, too bad. This dirt road used to be just a woodland path. The logging trucks are wearing it wide.

But there are also native dogwoods among the pines -- so something good to look for yet!


I am doing some quilting work, but I can't show it to you. It will be fore my Secret Sister.

Also I am spending time rearranging the sewing room. We are having the closet enlarged so we can have a first floor laundry. This was the reasonable places since it backs up to the bathroom plumbing. That I have to empty half of the room for the workmen's convenience is not so reasonable.

However, I am doing a good deal of PURGING the saved magazines and other papers. Maybe the fabric will even get re-folded as the shelving is moved into our bedroom for the duration.



Dianne's dreadful thighbone break makes me remember that I am glad to have two working legs
Laundry work will be done while we are in Cornwall, UK
Lost the few pounds I had gained back

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