Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holland Tulip Festival

DIL Lynne invited me to share a "Girls day out" at the Holland Tulip Festival.

In the center of a park, surrounded by tulips, there is a statue of the founder of both the city of Holland and Hope College: Mr. van Raalte.

We found the John Wayne remembrances were available in the Craft Show!

Lynne and I caught one of the Dutch dancing performances. [High school kids get to take time out from school to learn these dances and they call it Physical Education!]

There was also a small Quilt Show, and here are two of my favorites:

"A Winter Walk in the Woods"

"Flying Over Kansas"

Thanks for inviting me Lynne, I had a good time!



Rain stopped as we drove west to Holland
Lunch with Bob Miller
Pedometer shows over 6000 steps today


annemarievanl said...

You wrote that you have been to Tulip Time. In heard that dancers sometimes crack or break their shoes. Do you have photos of that? I am from Holland Europe (the real Holland so to say but I admire what they do there in MI with our mutual heritage!) and I collect everything that has to do with our national symbol the wooden shoe. So if you have some photos of broken, cracked or flewn off wooden shoes maybe you can mail them to me:
Thanks a lot!!!

Kind regards


kim said...

Oh where oh where are Sara's thoughts?
Oh where oh where can they be?
I am missing them and her lovely quilt photos;
Oh where oh where can they be?

I also hope all is well and that you Sara are so busy getting ready for the Chorus performance that blogging is off the to do list. Hugs, Kim