Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Images from Cornwall trip

The MAIN activity was having a luscious "cream" tea every afternoon, if possible. Stop whatever you are doing at 3:30 or 4:00 and find a tea shop, or a cafe or a pub and order tea and crumpets with clotted cream. You spread strawberry jam on each half of the biscuit, add a dollop of cream, and eat it with your milked and sugared tea. Great way to rejuvenate tired legs while sitting down for a half and hour.
Then there's the theatre. This is the Minack, hanging on a cliff over the English Channel. Here we saw "Jesus Christ Superstar" with the ocean for a backdrop. [Judas hung himself from that tree branch by falling backward over the cliff.]

We also saw "The Pirates of Penzance" [GHilbert & Sullivan] and "Billy Elliot, the Musical" in two other theatres.

We walked on The Coastal Path four times. Here was the most difficult time, a rocky patch from Lamorna Cove to Kemyel Point. It was very rocky and the edge of the cliff was very near.

Most of our time was spent in small towns and villages. We stayed in quiet places and explored the local scene-- gardens, museums, pubs, beaches.

In our short time in London, we made it to the Victoria and Albert Museum (England's Smithsonian] for the Quilt Show. Lots of medallion quilts in dull colors which made this Bars quilt really stand out for me with its bright colors and Pop design.

Now I have restocked the refrigerator at home and washed clothes in our new main floor laundry [don't have to go up and down the stairs to the basement]. But the sewing room, whose former closet is the new laundry, is still all piled on one side of the room with all my clothes that were once in the closet This week's major task is putting everything back in a new order. Today a picked up my sewing machine which was being "maintained" while I was away.

So no news about MY quilting until that is all accomplished.



All went well on the trip-- travel, weather, beds, food, health.
Everything fine at home
My gardeners came today and removed all the weeds in the garden!


Carol Song of Joy said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. Sounds (and looks) lovely! Glad you're safely home, too. Thought of you often!

GRACE said...

sara, glad to see you are home safe and sound and had a great time. love your photos. oooh, the V&A! How fortunate to have seen a quilt show there. Now back to quilting...

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today. What lovely pictures. I lived in Cornwall for many years and still miss it.
Cozy In Texas

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. AndI am sure you will love the new laundry room. Sometimes reorganizing that stuff can be so rejuvenating. I like to clear out old stuff - gives me all kinds of energy.