Friday, July 9, 2010

New Porch

Construction workers have been here for these past two weeks, turning part of our deck into a small screen porch.

This is the second part of our plan to NOT move to a retirement home, but make our present home into one we can use for the next 10, 20 [?] years. Since the entry fee to local "continuum of care" residences with two bedrooms [after all I NEED a sewing room] is $350,000, and then there is a monthly charge of over $1000. . . .we

did the math. Now we are going to SAVE money in the lang run by spending some money in the short run to make our house "perfect for US".

This follows the step of adding a main floor laundry to the sewing room.

The porch will be the right size for two people to eat at a small table with no interference by mosquitoes. THIS IS A SEASON IN WHICH MOSQUITOES FREQUENTLY DRIVE US INDOORS. In about one more week, they won't be part of our al fresco dining.

I am starting a little sewing again, now that the sewing room is finally useable. For some unknown reason I have been making Four Patches, which have turned into Sixteen Patches. Currently there is a pile of 13, odd, that.



Daylilies in bloom
White liatris in bloom
Fresh tomatoes


Sandy said...

Oh very nice!! I'm sure you're going to really enjoy this all summer long.

kim said...

I am glad to hear you on your blog again. The screened porch will be a lovely addition into the fall with the sunsets during your dinner time. While it might be cool, I am hoping the evening sun will give you warmth for dinner outside.