Monday, August 16, 2010

50th High School Reunion

We went to Minneapolis by ferry, in part. This was my first time on the "new" ferry across Lake Michigan, which goes from Muskegon to Milwaukee (and back again). The weather didn't look so good, but the lake was smooth, and by the time we got to Wisconsin there was lots of sun.

One of the "events" was a tour of our old high school, still in use. Then we had pizza delivered to the cafeteria for lunch, and we had a reunion of the old Brownie/Girl Scout troop #556 from Brookside Elementary School. I am barely visible in the back row.

Some of the planning committee put on a performance appropriate for a sock hop 50 years ago. Where they got the "poodle skirts" I have no idea!

Worth going to. . .I got to see some friends from long ago, and had interesting conversations with people I never knew before. And they did NOT look like "old people"! They looked a lot like me and Charlie!


No travel problems
Time with relatives in Mpls
Lunch at Lucia's
The Landscape Arboretum


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Looks like great fun, Sara. So glad it was worth going. Of course in my opinion, the Twin Cities are always worth going to. :)

And now on to Beaver Island. I can hardly wait.

My friend, Robert Cole, who grew up on BI will be there, too.


Melinda said...

Next year will be 50 years since my graduation. I am not sure how that happened. Glad you had a good time.