Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy weekend

I saw this back for a baby quilt lying on the sewing room bed. "Oh, yeah," sez I, "I was going to put that quilt together for Susan's 100 quilt project."

So I found a piece of batting barely big enough, and I layered it. And I quilted it. And I bound it with some more green old fabric.

Oh, yes, it was the one with the green sashing and the confetti blocks.

Then I went out and planted 12 Russian sage plants that were on sale at Meijers. I'm still working on that new garden bed which is to conceal the new well head.

Then we went over to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and were entertained by the two grandkids and friends displaying their "minors". They were both in the choir, one at each end of the back row.

Now we have had Peter and Lynne and their two dogs over for dinner and heard the tales of their trip to Barcelona and the Dordogne.

Next weekend: my 50th high school class reunion!
What shall I wear? Hmmm, the same stuff I usually wear.
Leaving for Minneapolis next Wednesday with the ferry across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee.



Grandkids' Dad is driving them home to St. Louis; last year we did it.
Zillah swimming out to Lynne in the lake
Yummy spaghetti and meatballs for dinner

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Diane said...

That quilt has PIZZAZZ! And you found binding to match. I love it.