Friday, March 18, 2011

Fort Meyers

At the La Quinta motel for seven nights, so I set up my sewing area and had quickly made enough HSTs that I needed to sit in the doorway and cut off the extra corners, holding the waste basket between my legs to catch them.

We have been to two difference beaches in the mornings.  This beach goes along the road to the Sanibel Island causeway.  We find a place to settle in the shade, if possible, after a walk along the beach and we do some reading and gazing at the water and human activity.

Every other day there is a baseball game for at least one of us.

Here's Charlie outside the Twins' stadium.  There were lots of Minnesotans there and a few Mets fans as well. The "stars" played through the 6th inning and after the rookies were rotated onto the field a lot of the fans began to leave.

C is off to a Red Sox game on his own this afternoon and I have a new idea for using up scraps of pastel fabrics.


We are both happy with our chosen activities
Lovely salad and fish for lunch
warm air and light breezes!


kim said...

What a lovely vacation you are sharing on your blog. Happy time of warmth and relaxing. Glad you are having time for quilting too.

Barbara M. said...

It sounds like home! I was born and raised in Ft. Myers. We moved to Tennessee in the 90's and Ft. Myers has changed so much since then. We were also there last week to visit my husband's parents. I actually grew up on the road to Sanibel. Our old house is long gone and a large subdivision sits on the property now.

Glad you had a great time there and thanks for such a familiar (to me) post!

Clare said...

That first photo is priceless!

Glad you are having a relaxing break.