Monday, March 14, 2011

Peacocks and surf

On our way south we spent a morning wandering around in Cochtaw County, Alabama looking for the places where Charlie had been 40 years ago registering voters during Holy Week.

This may be one of he Baptist churches where meetings were held.

This is the right TOWN.  When Charlie went into this Post Office the woman behind he counter said she remembered "those people" from when she was 7 years old.  She had followed C's friend Margot around while she lived there for a whole year working on the project.  Pretty amazing that the only person he had a chance to talk with remembered that long ago!

We stayed for two nights on Florida's "Forgotten Coast", the coast of Florida's panhandle.  We awoke in our cabin at the Sportsmen's Resort to find a peacock perched on our deck rail.

We drove around St. George's Island, enjoying the State Park at the eastern end for $6.  It was a gray day and quite windy.  Not many people out at the beach, but the campground was nearly full with enormous RVs from the north.

From there we visited Charlie's brother and sister-in-law in Jacksonville for two nights.

Now we are in Fort Myers for a week of warmth and three Spring Training baseball games.  Charlie has gone this afternoon to see he Twins and the Mets(?).  I am setting up the Featherweight sewing machine and an ironing station to play with some tropical fabric.



Moving Ash Wednesday and 1st Sunday of Lent services in strange to us places
Sunshine and warmth
La Quinta will let us leave our dog in the room when we go out


Clare said...

Lovely photo of the Peacock.

People's memories never cease to amaze me.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

It's great to hear about your trip, with pictures, too! I can imagine your surprise when you saw that peacock! Wow.

Have a lovely time and thanks for sharing. Weather here not too bad; spring is definitely evolving.

Love to you both,