Friday, August 5, 2011

Not" baby" cucumbers

We forgot about the cucumbers, under all their leaves.  Yesterday I found three, only one the regular size.  And then Charlie found five more of the huge ones, growing on the outside of the garden fence.  Luckily they taste okay, we just have to cut out all the seeds in the middle.

Then we remembered to look at the beans.  They were pretty large too.  We are going to try cooking them tonight to see if they are edible.  

And we are going to try this one Serrano pepper to see how hot it is.  We are not familiar with these, and there are several more.  This is the one pepper plant that is doing well.


The first Boy Baby quilt is done; bordered, quilted, and bound.

Somehow I got the back on straight enough to include the whole map.  Next time I'm going to add some borders on the backing so that I don't have to finagle around with it so much!



Lots of cucumber for my lunch salads
Several people who will take two huge cucumbers off my hands!
Leftover gaspacho for supper tonight

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Julie Fukuda said...

I like those striped borders and the back is great too. I know just what you mean about lining up the front and back. There is something to be said for the old fashioned quilting frame in that regard. Enjoy those cukes!