Monday, August 29, 2011

Started another "boy" quilt

I purchased two Charm Packs of "King of the Ranch" on-line, thinking they would include lots of horses, like the one pictured.  Well, there are only two prints of horses in each colorway, and the charms are cut so that the larger print only has a portion of a single horse.  Silly me, I thought they would cut the fabric the way I would cut it, to show the best of the figures/horses. 

So I go on to use them anyway.  I will have two strips of each of the four colors, and I constructed a 9th strip to act as the center.  I will quilt this portion tomorrow, and then add the other strips QAYG.  At least the colors should appeal to a boy.

Charlie is going on a five day baseball trip, so I will have lots of "free" time to quilt, but also to work on organizing the sewing room.



Beautiful days here, sunny and in the 70's
More fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and corn
Increased exercise makes for better sleeping  

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