Friday, March 2, 2012

Old knee, last time

 Well, here it is, after the wipe down at home with the surgical prep cloths.

Doesn't look too bad from the outside, does it?

We're off from home at 9:00 AM for a scheduled 11:30 surgery.  I hope I am alert and aware enough to take another photo sometime this afternoon or evening, just bandages I assume.  I figure I might as well document this.  If I am tempted to have the other knee corrected, I'll be better able to remember what was involved.

Good news from our St. Louis family:  Sara Rachel had her first real "solution" treatment for ITP (loss of platelets), and it went well!
She came home right after the infusion was done, and we saw her on iChat, mugging for the camera.



Good medical treatment right here in our home town
Kathie can loan me a walker
Charlie is my comfortable "home care provider"


Finn said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today Sara! Good bye to the old knee and welcome to the new one.
Once things are healed, mine has given no trouble at all(xcept metal detectors) and it's been 10 years. Great idea to document the process as best you can. Hugs, Finn

Clare said...

Hope everything went well. Thinking of you.