Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Back slowly

While in the rehab facility I used a machine that passively moved my leg from straight to bent.  This did not really count as exercize but it was to keep some motion before everything froze.  I could certainly feel when it was pushing my limits.

But I am going to return to the subject of Quilting.  Nothing was accomplished by me during the last three weeks  However, my Secret Sister sent me not only seven cards for my seventieth birthday, but she also sent me a scrap of fabric for each decade,  There's quite a variety of prints beginning with a fun Birthday print.

Also my long arm quilter Catherine kept working, and I now have received back five quilts that need to be trimmed and then bound.

I hope I will be able to slowly make progress with these, at least to have a few to turn in to the Guild collection on Tuesday.



nurses with gentle hands
dear husband's continuing care
my own bed at last


sophie said...

Hurray for the luxury of one's own bed! I am happy to read your recovery is progressing ... even slow progress IS a good thing...

Mary said...

I hope the knee is recovering on schedule. ... I crawl around on the floor to trim my quilts, I'm guessing you won't be doing that!

Finn said...

So good to see you making your way back to your real life! It sounds as if progress is being made, even if slowly. The surgeon I had told me before hand it would be about 3 months before I even began to feel back to normal. Six months would find me tired and aching after walking at a Mall, and by a year I'd never know I had it done. Have to say, he way pretty much right on. I was 61 at the time.
Do presist in those bending exercises, it's so important.Congratulations on your birthday, another decade begun! You could have fooled me by saying you were 60! You're so young looking girl!
Have fun with your new fabrics and don't push too hard! Hugs, Finn

cityquilter said...

sara, glad to see you are coming along and are thinking about sewing again...