Friday, April 20, 2012

Few accomplishments

I am practicing walking around the driveway circle with my borrowed walker.  The crabappples are in bloom, about a month early.

The plais Double Four-Patch is now bound and finished.



DH Charlie continues to cook, clean-up our meals, and drive me to all my appointments


LuAnn said...

Great to see you up and about. Soon you will move to a cane and from there on it will be smooth sailing. I love the plaids in your quilt! Take care.

June D said...

Sara - Hop over to my QuestQuest blog
and check out today's post. I awarded
you the Liebster Blog Award today.
Thank you for sharing your creative
ideas and clearly written posts - they
help and inspire all readers.
: )

Bonnie said...

Good to see you getting that knee under new management. It's tough work but I'm sure you can convince it to work the way it is suppose to. In between all the exercising make sure you get a little quilting time in too.

cityquilter grace said...

sara, wondering how you are getting along and if you are back mobile on 2 feet me!

Clare said...

Hi Sara. Hope you are okay.

jirons42 said...

Sara; I've been praying for your complete recovery. I hope you are doing well.

quiltingbonnie said...

I follow your blog all the time, hope you are recovering well. Bonita in FL