Thursday, October 11, 2012

Took a walk this afternoon down the driveway and through the meadow too savor the fall brisk breeze and the colors.

We have had the driveway "sealed" so it is very dark, but the meadow is much more interesting.

Along the pathway is bordered by swatches of purple asters, and lots of seeds ready to fall to the ground for spring growth.  And the sumac is deep red.

And there are tiny white asters here and there.

Makes me feel like dancing!
But instead I returned home and sat to rest my legs and back.

Then to Dr. Gindzen for my every-four-weeks eye injections.



The sun shone long enough for my walk and photos
Found good border fabrics for a doll quilt
Charlie could listen to baseball on the car radio

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kim said...

I love this lady and her dance - reminds me of Miriam and the crossing of the Red Sea. Happy to see your posts Sara!