Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not inspired

This is an example of something I could be working on.  It's even appropriate for the season. I think these blocks are sewn together into groups of four already.  I'm just looking at a photo to find something I can be excited about.  But instead I'm uninspired.
When I go into my sewing room, all I can think is that the room needs ORGANIZING.

Guess that is what I need to do next!



Fall colors out the window, even under clouds
Warm enough to eat on the porch
The play at Actors' Theatre definitely not Neil Simon!


Julie Fukuda said...

I have made several of that design and it always drives me nuts because you need to have all those pieces cut and organized before you begin to sew, as each block includes a piece of a neighboring block. I think those small projects hold the un-sewing record because even when you know what is next, it is so easy to get it on the wrong side.

cityquilter grace said...

yeah, i know THAT feeling. the clear the decks and put stuff away before getting out MORE stuff...and i love your squares!