Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot in Florida

We are so new to the laptop and motel internet connections that we are having trouble keeping "online". Tomorrow Charlie is supposed to have a class where he will learn how to put photgraphs on this computer, and then you may get some illustrations. 

But we have visited relatives and friends and so far have been to two spring training baseball games. Charlie's dear Cardinals beat the Astros, on Saturday, and our Tigers lost ignominiously to the Yankees on Sunday, in blazing sun that burned both of us despite #50 sunblock.  Guess we missed a few bare areas of skin.  

We are currently settled in a Red Roof Inn for three nights near Clearwater, so I bothered to carry the borrowed Featherweight up to the room along with sewing supplies.  Today Charlie went off by himself to see if he could get into the Phillies' park for an afternoon game, and I have been working on my 12" blocks for our Bee's mystery. So back to work now, and then out to the beach when C returns.


Safe travel all the way
Warm weather, but usually a breeze to mitigate
Pleasant company!