Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready to Leave

By 2:00 today I had the three quilt tops and BACKINGs ready for my LA quilter, and they were delivered. The third quilt is Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery "Double Delight". I feel much more ready to leave for a month in Florida with those three quilts being worked on by someone ELSE. [I will see if there is a way to post a little to this blog using Charlie's new laptop while we are gone.]

Then got myself ready for the GR Women's Chorus concert tonight, "A Breast Cancer Orotorio". I have been listening and listening to the recording the Chorus made five years ago, before I joined. The songs really move me, especially the ending song;
"Teach me how to honor this day,
how to walk amid the billowing sheets of sunlight
arm in arm with the brilliant angel of death,
How to find my home with a fire in the hearth
in the green green fields of this life."

How much I need to remember every day that this one day is precious, and life is pretty darned wonderful, even with the difficulties we may run into.


Learning the Oratorio
Friends who came to the concert
This trip which is a gift to share with Charlie


2ne said...

Nice blog you have

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Anonymous said...

The Columbus Women's Chorus just performed the Oratorio last week. I was there, and they did an amazing job. The oratorio is deeply moving. I was fairly unprepared for that. You are right, "Teach me how" is stunning.

Bless you for singing!