Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back from Arizona

Charlie chose Arizona for the baseball spring training games we could see there. Above is the ONLY photo I took of a game in action. The point of interest is the large number of players in the infield. The bases were loaded for the A's with only one out, so the Padres brought in the center fielder to help cover the infield, FIVE infielders, plus the three base runners and two umpires. There really wasn't any room to get a ground hit. So the batter struck out, and the center fielder went back to his usual position.

Our first day we went to the Botanical Garden in Phoenix. We learned a lot about desert plants, saw the desert wildflowers in bloom, and had a good lunch on a shady patio. Later we noticed that many of these same cactuses and plants were growing on the medians and verges of the highways as well as in people's "lawns".

Happily for me, the Arizona Quilters Guild was having their Show in Mesa and I was able to spend almost two hours there on Friday. Here is one quilt with a Southwestern feel that I enjoyed. Since we are having our Guild bi-annual show this October, it was also interesting to note how their show was set up and what the categories were. I took lots of photos!

We came home to MICHIGAN to find all the snow was gone, and the crocuses were blooming. Overnight it started snowing again, and has lightly continued all day.



Safe travel with no real hang-ups
Good times with Charlie Ramsden
Kept up our daily exercise program while away from home

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Carol, Song of Joy said...

Glad to know you are safely home! And, that you had a good time. Yes, snow. But it has been very nice most of the month until now. Blessings!