Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Photos today

Something is wrong with my connection to Blogger. I have several quilting photos on my iMac, but Blogger doesn't think I do. All it can find are earlier photos.

My good LA quilter returned two quilts to me on Tuesday, and now they are bound and labelled and washed. And photographed. But you wouldn't know that.

Charlie and I are going to Phoenix for eight days tomorrow. He is going to see LOTS of baseball spring training games , and I am going to see SOME. I just read that there is a quilt show in Mesa this coming weekend, so I expect I'll get over to that at some time.]
I'll see if I can post something from his laptop computer.



Dianne is going to take care of my Secret Sister bag
my new suitcase can be expanded!
Ray, the airport chauffeur


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara
I love reading your blog. The AZ Quilt Guild show is the largest show in the state. I think you'll like it. We have some wonderful quilters and some very friendly folks! Wish I were there to meet you but DD needs my help in AL this week. Enjoy all the eye candy!

Shari from AZ

Laura said...

Hi Sara,

Enjoy your time here in Phoenix. It has been refreshingly cool for us, but they say the 80's are coming soon, so you should have nice weather. I've never been to the AZ Quilt Guild show because it's during tax season, but I hear it's great.

Laura in Phoenix