Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well and Star Struck Jr. are finished

Friday saw a lot of well work accomplished.

First there was a lot of digging and moving the dirt to the wrong part of the meadow.
[No photos of that part.]

And then there were pipes to be shoved into the ground and connected to the previous piece of pipe.

And finally the trench was filled again, and the water turned ON.

So that finally we have this lovely addition to our front yard.

The well guy said, "Don't run into that with your lawn mower. Plant some flowers around it."

I finished the DSM quilting and binding of the Star Struck, Jr. yesterday.
It can go in the Guild show for the Small Quilt Auction since it ended at 28" square.

I quilted the sawtooth borders
with the point going off into the surrounding plain border, just to make more of a point about the Points.

And to fill up the big triangles of tropical blue, I quilted congruent triangles.

I had to diminish my usual 2.25" binding to 1.75" so that it turned to just a mere 1/4 inch. I hoped this would spare the points of those outer triangle, but it still shorted a few of them.

Oh well, just another wonky detail!



Not that hard to give Zeke insulin shots while C is gone
Leftover pizza for lunch
Crabapples in bloom


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Glad the well is working. Your first quilt picture covered up the view of the front yard. Is is a mound? So glad it's not hard to give Zeke shots. I hope he's starting to feel better.

Terri Wessling said...

Nice job done, I love your star struck.

Nines said...

Love the mini quilt. so bright and cheery. the wellhead... I'm sure you'll think of something. You can have my rusty dilapidated old well house... could always be worse m'dear.