Sunday, July 18, 2010


The current view out the dining room slider, showing the porch furniture and view with no screens yet.
Thursday the electrician did come and installed the fan with light and a REMOTE control. The light has twice turned itself on in the middle of the night, while the remote is innocently sitting on the china cabinet. Moisture in the air?

Currently we are assured that the work will be finished this Monday and Tuesday!

And here is the dining room table in the middle of our family foundation board meeting. DD Martha was too sick in St. Louis to make the trip up to Michigan, so we met by iChat. Marti and John are on the big screen, our "president' is on the left laptop and our secretary on the right laptop.

Here's the view from my chair at the table: Lynne, Peter, and Charlie.

We got through the business in two shortened meetings, and will reconvene after Christmas for updates on the grants given.


No quilt progress tho' my Bee met here on Thursday night and I forgot to take any photos.



Marti is feeling better
Attic exhaust fan cools the house in the evening
Watermelon, and spitting seeds from the deck

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Vicky F said...

Hi Sara,
Ghosts in your fan?
Just wanted to let you know that the light on our fan turns on after a power outage (even one that is a couple of seconds).
Love your day lily photos.
Vicky F