Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sixteen Patches

The Sixteen-Patches are progressing into

baby quilts for my Bee friend, Susan, who is collecting them for layettes.
With four blocks left I added a border of two parches, leftovers from Carolina Christmas. Need to find one more border fabric to size it up to 36-40".

This one has nine blocks in the middle, and so I added a small red border. It only needs one more wider border. I just need to find the right fabric in my stash; and then find some more for the backing.
I found that two WOF strips were enough to make two of these blocks.

And here is the progress on the porch, as of Thursday afternoon, when all the workers left. They worked on the siding and wrapping the wood edges all day. No one came on Friday, tho' I was hoping the fan would be installed, or the carpenter would come, or the outdoor carpeting. . . .

But I did find a small table and two chairs on sale [end of season!] at Home Depot. They are assembled and sitting in the middle of the living room currently. I hope they are small enough to leave us some room on the porch for a few additional items.



Peach flavored iced tea mix
Piano Jazz on NPR
"End of Season" plant sales

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