Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lakes & Islands, coming in!

I have been getting some FUN fat envelopes in the mail - blocks for my Lakes & Islands quilt from the members of the SCRAP bee [15 Minutes of Play blog].

The three above from Glen, along with an extra Island.

These five from Beebee in Baton Rouge.

And these two from Victoria in NYC.

Meanwhile, spring is continuing to develop in western Michigan:
peonies sprouting next to the late daffodils,

Juneberry, also called serviceberry, blooming,

two kinds of trilium in the woods [the one in front has inconspicuous flowers],

and the saucer or tulip magnolia in full bloom.



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Stray Stitches said...

You have received some wonderful blocks. It seems so strange to see that you are still having a beautiful spring while we are just a few days away from summer heat. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Julie Fukuda said...

Very interesting blocks. I'm wondering how it will be put together. I love the time of year when you seem to get something new every few days.

kim said...

Your lakes and island blocks give me an idea for a paper quilt of landforms created by my second graders. I wonder what they might create using the scrap box with a friend to show their creative understanding of our social studies. Thanks Sara - you are always an inspiration.

beebee said...

Hi Sara
Thanks for posting the blocks I sent to you.. It will be an interesting quilt. This is the first "bee" I take part in. I can hardly wait for my turn. It has been fun making blocks for everyone..I am also in the BeeBalm "bee" so I have been busy making lots of interesting blocks.

hugs from South Louisiana

I live about 90miles south and west from Baton Rouge
Only about 45 miles from the French Quarter in New Orleans