Saturday, May 14, 2011

Liberated Round Robin start

I've joined the Liberated Round Robin and we need to be choosing/preparing our beginning block.
Once I looked in my Orphan Block Box and decided to use up some red/white/black blocks in this project, this block jumped out as a starting point:

Lovely Hershey kisses fabric, isn't it? A perfectly fine Shoo-Fly block. But a little SIMPLE since it was 12.5 inches square.  You can barely see that I began slicing it up.  I inserted black strips as if making an "asterisk" or "fireworks" block.

I decided to cut a little off-center, and one of the strips was created by ripping off a wedge to straighten a piece of fabric.  Oh well, just used the wedge.  And all this somehow made the block 12.25 inches square.  Hmm, rather odd.

 There, I've got the start of the Round Robin.  Next instruction in a week.  [We are not going to pass this around, but do all the borders/additions ourselves.  No mailing.]


And in the Progress of Spring department, we have three Redbuds on the left side of the hill down to the lake.

And we have some new anemones:

And the first iris:



Lots of Scouts came to pull garlic mustard at Peace Park
Labyrinth mowed before last night's rain
Roasted parsnips & new potatoes

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Clare said...

I love what you've done with this block.