Saturday, May 21, 2011

LRR, Round 2 finished

Got this done very quickly because:
1) the Initial Block was sitting out where I could see it, and
2) the spikey triangles block was all done in my Orphan box. and
3) the red/white HSTs were bonuses from a Bonnie Hunter mystery last year.

Do you think the large paisley print helps tone it down?

Next Round will be assigned in June sometime.

Womens' Chorus technical rehearsal last evening had us on our feet for two hours with a couple of short breaks.  My feet and knees were/are suffering arthritis pain.  I hope I will be able to sit down tonight while our visiting artists are performing, usually we stay standing on the risers.  I'm sure I will make it through the concert, but enjoying the reception may not be possible.



The music is challenging and fun
"End of the World" around here consists of the first mosquito hatch
Green, green, green all around us

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