Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SCRAP Bee for August

I got to work yesterday and cut out hearts for the SCRAP Bee. In this Bee we must start with "made" fabric.  So the hearts are cut out from the "made" fabric.

 I zig-zagged them down onto the pieces of red and pink fabric that were provided for the background.  I then put them in an envelope and addressed it.  I set the envelope on the kitchen counter to mail the next day or two.

Then I went to my computer and read the post by Victoria and looked at HER hearts in the photo.
Hmm, she only used red and pink fabrics for  HER hearts. . . . .  Was that what I was supposed to do too?  Maybe I had better go and read the original instructions which came out a while  ago.  Oh, no!  She did say "Use your red and pink fabrics"!  Guess that didn't stick in my memory.

So how do I preserve the background fabrics ?  Think, think, think.....

Oh, yes.... REVERSE applique.

I cut CAREFULLY around the "wrong" hearts.  I made a bigger piece of made red & pink fabric and put it UNDER the hole.  Then I did the zig-zag thing again.

All fixed.  Even made a couple small ones.
Back in the envelope.
Ready to mail tomorrow.

Whew!  Glad I caught that error before I mailed them out!



Beautiful summer day, only up to about 80 degrees.
Dinner was fish Marti caught in our own lake
The four of us went to performance of HONK 


Julie Fukuda said...

That is so funny! Too bad the color was limited. I liked those first ones fine.

Finn said...

Gosh Sara, that all sounds soooo very familiar, LOL. I think you made a great recovery! Hugs,Finn

cityquilter said...

love those colors, sara, and thanks for your kind comments on my blog!