Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Doll Quilt #4 & #5

Those bright squares I showed you turned into this semi-African style doll quilt.  The center is actually a sashed nine-patch.  I had a little of the gray and white batik left in my stash, and I thought that would blend with sections of the blocks and make the whole thing more mysterious!

I used a totally traditional print on the back.  Just my contrary nature displaying itself.

After I turned these in at our evening Bee meeting, I continued on with some Chinese Coins strips I had found in the Orphan Box.

With white sashing, it remained looking a little DULL.  So in the end I chose a bright striped backing and a different orange stripe for the binding.

I think that is the end of the Doll Quilts for this year.  They are pretty quick to make, and I have fun getting one done a day.  But now, I need to work on other things.

1] Finish learning my music for the GRWC concert on the first Sat. in December.
2] Finish a gift for my Secret Sister.
3] Think some more about Bonnie Hunter's new I want to commit myself or not?



Warm house, as the outside temps go down
Vernor's gingerale
Re-reading Stieg Larsson's novels

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