Saturday, March 9, 2013

BARD library books

Right now, before leaving for Florida, I am learning how to get books from the BARD program of the federal government.  I have a device like a tape recorder that plays books they can send me for free through the mail in the blue plastic boxes. Each box opens and has what looks like a cassette tape in it, but is really a  memory chip, I think. I push it in the front of the machine, and it reads to me.  
Or I can download books from the internet through a flash drive which I then plug in on the side. The flash drive will hold up to 20 books in 2 gig they say..

I signed up for this service last summer but didn't really need to use it at that point.  Now I'm doing the internet version of book transfer so that I will have lots of "reading" available while we are away from home for three weeks.

I have a biography of Benjamin Franklin, the history [not novel] about Mrs. Lincoln and her dressmaker, several romances, and the latest edition of Sports Illustrated.  This was a fun discovery because I have had to stop reading magazines; their print is too small!

I also bought a magnifying glass with a light that is enabling me to look up a number in the phone book or enough of the mail so I know if it is addressed to me or Charlie..

And as you see, I have enlarged the font size on the blog post.

So..... I'm finding ways to adjust.

Now I am going to see if I can start knitting a pair of TUBE socks, which would avoid the tricky heel section, during which I would always have to carefully watch my tiny printed directions.  Maybe with larger needles and yarn I can keep knitting!  I'll see.



Association for the Blind and Visually impaired
Charlie's calm help
Cortisone injection in right knee for trip 


Unknown said...

Sara, there are many books on tape as they used to call them, options., that is a subscription service and you actually own the book in the end. The other option is you public library. You can download books, just like you would check out a book and listen to it that way. You need a player, like an iPod, but if you have a smart phone there are aps you can download for tat too. I have been listening to books for over 15 year, mostly during commuting times. It is wonderful.
Also as a quilter and a knitter, my suggestion on the knitting instructions is to copy it and make it bigger.
Hope this helps

grammilou said...

Yes, I agree for the knitting patterns that are too small to read, either photocopy with the "fit to page" button or have a friend retype them in a large font.

I retype knitting patterns on my laptop to change them to a large font all the time, just for convenience. It's a great "eye saver."

All the best to you as you find ways to deal with these problems!

cityquilter grace said...

praying for an improvement from your present state, my friend sara...

Carol Ingells said...

Your resourcefulness, determination and good humor in this difficult situation do not surprise me, Sara. You are one strong and wonderful woman and I am proud of you. Also, you are human and I pray for you regularly as you cope. I'm grateful you have Charlie, as I know you are, too. God bless.

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