Monday, March 4, 2013

Jelly Roll Race

I finished my "Jelly Roll Race" quilt, which we worked on at a retreat a year ago.  Since I am going to keep this for my TV-watching quilt, I thought I could do the binding myself,  No quilt police here to look for "bad binding", especially since I'm the very one who can't see where the errors are!

I choose the orange striped fabric for the binding partly because it was a strong contrast to the next fabrics [easier to SEE while applying].

I learned a new method.  Make WIDE binding, apply it to the front, then fold to the back and sew close to the edge.  This will give you an extra line of "quilting" on the front.  Well, I thought the instruction to cut the binding 4.5" before folding must be wrong, and I didn't have that much fabric anyway, so I tried 2.75"  Maybe you can see that didn't put my line of stitching very far from the front binding edge.
However, it did mean I caught the edge all the way around.  And that was good for me!


I went to the eye doctor after only two weeks because I felt my eyes were deteriorating so quickly.  He didi all the tests again and reported that the INTERIOR of my eyes is "way" better even though I can't tell that.  Wait another two weeks, he says.

Meanwhile we prepare for our trip to Florida for some of Spring Training [baseball fiend in DH].  I am checking on Books on Tape for my entertainment.

Jose' is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow!  Need to get the binding on HIS quilt.


My helpers in the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus
Great music in Cinncinnati with Muse
Exercise class + massage!

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Brenda said...

This is one of the nicest jelly roll race quilts I've seen, especially with those pinwheels. best wishes as you deal with your vision issues.