Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilting progress, maybe the last

Dianne was here in the afternoon to finish sewing down the binding on this quilt for Jose' on my machine, where the trouble had started.  She got all my mistakes corrected and completed the other two and a half sides.  What a friend!

It was washed and dried just before they arrived for supper.  I was so involved and concentrated on expressing my thoughts in handing it over to him that I forgot all about taking photos.  I hope to get one of Jose' with the quilt another day.

By the time we were playing a game of "Ninety-Nine"
after eating, he loosened up, making little jokes, and we can see that he will be fun to have around.  And he understands a lot more English than he can express.

Now the Stash Report:

I turned three neonatal quilts over to fellow quilting bee members for them to bind and then turn in next month.

First, the Thousand Pyramids.
Second, the Many Trips. Around the World (with a map of the U,S, on the back).

Third, the Ragged Bulls' Eyes.

So I'm counting the fronts and backs of those three quilts as yardage I used out of my stash.

And I am also counting the fabric in the front, back, and binding of the "Carnival" jellyroll race quilt I finished and am keeping for myself.

Those all added up to over 16 yards out of stash since the last report.  So this week the total used for the year is  42.5 yards, and the total purchased stays at  14.25 yards, so

Hoo-ray, hoo-rah!
With my actual sewing and quilting being curtailed, the next move is going to be removing fabric by donation.  That will not start until we return from Florida at the beginning of April, but will be good news for Margaret's Hope Chest.



All the fabric I have fondled and enjoyed
Still one treatment for WMD that we haven't tried
So many friends willing to help me out 


Kathy S. said...

What a friend indeed. That quilt for Jose' is GORGEOUS!

cityquilter grace said...

sara, your quilts are beautiful my friend...praying for you and whatever lies ahead...