Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic knitting

Time for a lot of TV watching as the Olympics take over our evenings. Time for some projects that are done BY HAND. Something I hardly ever have to work on.

So during the Opening Ceremonies, I plan to finish my second pair of socks. Only a bit of the toe left of the second sock. Should be able to do that tonight.

After that I am going to start my THIRD pair of socks. I have bought two balls of Kaffe Fassett yarn that will make stripes of navy blue, purple, brown, red, rust, and tan. One ball for each sock - and then I'll have some left over for baby tube socks!

These yarns have been developed since the last time I knit, years ago. Both of them are dyed in sections so that you don't have to change yarns to change the color of the stripe. Easy peasy! Which is good since I have to pay enough attention to the FORM of the sock (cuff, heel, foot, toe).

On our return from the Grand Canyon we found that the birdbath in the middle of the herb garden was gloriously bright. And the basil is doing well also. Time for pesto making.



Temperatures in the 70's

Lots of mail goes directly into trash

Black-eyed Susans in the meadow

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