Sunday, August 24, 2008

UFOs before the New Year

Finn has just challenged herself to finish FIVE, count 'em 5, UFOs before the New Year. Sounds like a good plan to me, so I signed on, also for FIVE.

I'm going on retreat with my Bee in September for two full days, so I said I'd finish TWO then.

Guess I'd better review what I have on the "Waiting List".

Looks like I have two different projects that are LEAVES:

And another two projects that are PINEAPPLES.

Maybe I can find a way to combine these pairs, or make smaller than bed-sized quilts.

This next week Charlie is going away on a baseball trip with two friends. My Number One project for this week is re-modelling an altar frontal so that it will fit the new altar at church. I need a deadline for this because I have uncertainty about my ability to get it done!


Cherry pie from the farmer's market
Cooler weather
C's retirement coming, fun fantasizing


Finn said...

Hi Sara, I had to pop over and see where you thread your needles *VBS*
Thanks for deciding to play along and see if we can get some quilts done before the year runs out!
I'll be adding your name and number(and a link back to you( on my sidebar.
Thanks so much for stopping by, always nice to see new faces. Hugs, Finn

Sandy said...

I like your pineapples. How about a lap size quilt? Very nice.