Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olympic Sock Knitting

My "Olympic" socks did not get finished. However, the first one was completed, and the second one was down to the heel.
Photo is as of the end of the Closing Ceremonies.
More knitting has been done since then; the heel is "turned" and I am working my way down the foot. These are going to be mis-matched in that I finished the first ball of yarn at just about the point in the photo. When I started the second ball--it was not at the same point in the dye-ing of the stripes. I considered unwinding a chunk of yarn and not using it so that the stripes would match, but I'm just too frugal. I decided that a variation in the strips between the two socks would be "interestiing" rather than "a mistake". I'll see how I like them when finished.
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