Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pair #2 finished

Yes, I finished knitting this pair of socks during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Then I needed to have 10 minutes with the TV turned OFF so I could sew the end of the toe together using the "Kitchener" stitch. This too is a new process to me, and I need to follow one direction step at a time.

Saturday we were busy most of the day with a friend's wedding, so I was only able to begin casting on the Kaffe Fassett yarn for the next sock. It was soon clear that I had cast on too tightly, and I had to rip that out. Today I will start over.
Charlie's mother died this afternoon. She has not recognized her sons for the last year, and has been slowly declining, just turning 92 in July. Our feeling is one of gladness for her. The extended family will have a memorial service in September when more people can go to St. Louis, her home for over 80 years.
Happy 40th birthday, Peter!
Wedding that all parties enjoyed
Blessed release for DMIL Ruth.


Margaret said...

I also used to cast on too tight. Someone suggested that I cast on to a needle 1 size larger and then knit with "proper" or "recommended" size. That worked for me.

Regards, Peg

Penny said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your MIL. I know it is a release in some ways, but her illness must have been difficult.