Monday, November 30, 2009

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery

Okay, I missed two clues while away in St. Louis, so this AM I started work on the 192 "twosies" that are the first half of the first step in "Carolina Christmas".

Lynne and I had paid a visit to the famous fabric store Jackman's while in St. Louis. There we found lovely batiks for a quilt for their bedroom. AND I found a terrific gold/mustard paisley print for the mystery.

I have decided to substitute Black for Bonnie's Green in the Xmas quilt. This will make it less tied to a season, and I hope it will be very striking: Red, Yellow,and Black (with neutral background). Everything but the Yellow will be scrappy, multiple fabrics and a range of tones/values.

Now back to the sewing room!


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