Friday, November 20, 2009

Applique paperweight?

I haven't heard from "gayleb", so I will move on to another follower for the 300th post gift. "Sarah Star" please contact me!

At the Bee meeting last night I received this gorgeous round box and paperweight from my Secret Sister. It looks to me like a fantastic applique pattern. I'm going to enjoy it just as it is however, since applique and I do not mix.

I spent most of this day trying to get an audio recording device that is compatible with my new iMac. I had no idea this would be so complicated. Turns out I not only need a very specific device, but also a very special (additional) set of earphones. I visited three different stores--each of them TWICE. Made two returns, and finally at 4:30 started home with a pair of items that WILL work. Now I just have to learn the procedure to make it happen while I am in the crunch place between two pieces of music at Women's Chorus rehearsal.

[Now why can't I use the font I like best in Blogger? Is this another Apple problem?]

I need to get a UFOI finished this week...Ooops, that's only one more day!



Charlie's night to make dinner, so I could recuperate from my trips
Slowly the music is getting into my head
Three quilts went to Catherine for quilting

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