Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UFO backings

One of the things that slows down my completion of UFOs is -- finding or making the back! I am so relieved when the top is finished that I DON'T want to spend any more time with it. Hmm, this means it is really not completed.

Today I was sewing a back a la Bonnie Hunter, out of 10.5" squares. But as you can see, I was lazier than Bonnie is. I cut whole strips that are 10.5". And I don't therefore have to match all the corners that Bonnie has to match.

I was happy to find that sometime previously I had sewn quite a few of these pieces into long strips. I only had to add a few more blocks to make them up to the right length. They are now the right length and I am in the process of sewing the long strips together.

I hope to have two quilts, with their necessary backs, to give to my LA quilter tomorrow at our bee meeting.



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Sharon said...

That's one of my least favorite things to do too. It always feels like more of a chore than making the quilt top. I LIKE your idea of 10" strips, instead of the squares!! I tried the squares, and it got so tiresome cutting all those squares. . . .this is a much better idea! Since I have a few quilts that need backs made. . . thanks for the idea!