Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UFO countdown #3

I must have made this top three, four, five years ago at a workshop utilizing Ricky Timm's idea of "Convergence" quilts. I finished making the top at the workshop. Then I took it home and was in trouble.

In the body of the quilt I wanted to have a different quilting pattern for each of the matching segments.

This is why it was a UFO for so long! I couldn't figure out what patterns to use.

Finally I was told about a blogger who is demonstrating 365 filler quilt patterns, one each day. I have been watching each day and getting ideas. One of the patterns she gave instructions for was "Sea Oats". That's the last one I needed to finish this off. Thank goodness for other bloggers and the helps they give out to the ethernet!

Here's a close up of some of my wavy quilting. In the block the waves are closer and smaller. In the border they are much gentler. Just make it wavy enough so folks don't think you meant to make it straight!

Today I finished the quilting, found the binding I had made long ago, sewed that on (ran out of the "right" thread and substituted another), and VOILA!

So I can head off on an 8 hour drive to Thanksgiving celebrations with this off my mind. St. Louis, here we come!



Another finish
Got my ipod loaded up with the music I need to learn
Charlie finished the laundry

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Niki :-) said...

very nice ♥ you're on a roll!