Friday, April 9, 2010

Star Struck, Jr.

I am still working on the mini-Star Struck.

First I figured out haw to stop the design so there were not any partial stars on the edges. This took a bit of hard thinking and then some errors!

But I finally accomplished it.

Then I added a narrow additional white border to set the stars further away from whatever was coming next.

Today I cut down to 1.5" about 50 of the "waste" or "bonus" triangles from Bonnie's projects, and made them into a sawtooth border.

So here is the 14" square I have on my sewing machine NOW.



New batch of bread dough and two loaves baked
Half pound weight loss this AM
Sunshine, though the temperatures are down


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Beautiful! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. See you next Thursday!

Nines said...


KQuiltyBee said...

I love watching how this is going, even though I'm not familiar with the Bonnie Hunt stuff. So cool to see you using up the leftovers. Thanks for sharing the process!

GRACE said...

sara it's adorable!

Sandy said...

Very nice. I love the design. And the border really sets it off nicely.

Diane said...

Really cute!

Suze said...

Very nice! Good job.