Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still lots of yellow

I can't remember when the forsythia has lasted this long! I love The Yellow Season.

And the daffodils are still blooming, both in the driveway circle, and on the far side as well.

The Juneberry/Serviceberry bush is about to burst into white blooms. So perhaps we are beginning to move on to the other colors of Spring.

No news to report in any quilting area.

But after six weeks of increased physical activity and careful logging of everything I eat, I have lost 10 pounds. Man, this is really hard work! My calves and thighs are creaky and sore all the time it seems. It has really taught me that it takes a lot of energy to get rid of previous errors in judgment. Anybody who is sloughing away at this same project sure has my empathy. I couldn't do this without my dear husband saying every day, "What time are we going to do our walk together?"



Wittenbach Forest Preserve where we walked for an hour
Sugar-free chocolates
Fun of talking about previous vacation trips

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