Friday, April 2, 2010

The Yellow Season

Every year I purchase a few pots of miniature daffodils for the Easter table. When they are done blooming, I plant them in the herb garden around the birdbath. Now, you can see that they have added up to quite a number. And the forsythia is in full bloom also. I love the Yellow Season -- it means the winter is over!

Last fall I planted bluebell bulbs around a bur oak in hopes that over several years they would seed themselves into a "carpet" of bluebells. Can you see that a few of them are now up and starting to bloom? Maybe someday they will be as noticeable as the miniature daffodils.



I was able to move up to a more strenuous level of exercise
Fresh bread aroma
Tasty tilapia for dinner


Louise SS said...

I also keep my Easter daffodils and plant them. The only problem is that we have snow so long that I have to try to keep them alive until late May (or longer). So far so good.... the last couple of years they have survived.
You have a pretty yard!
Louise in (norhtern!) Sweden.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

How beautiful, Sara. And I'm glad for you that the exercise program is going well. Easter blessings to you and Charlie!

KQuiltyBee said...

Oh, this is so lovely! Forsythia is one of my faves--looks like bees on the branch, I think. Have a blessed Easter!

Nines said...

I love the yellow days of Spring also.