Friday, September 24, 2010

SpoolSpinners Retreat, Part 3

Next I attacked the UFO stack of Log Cabin blocks. sewing them into rows and columns.

I had used some pretty bight fabrics in these, but as usual for a distance they devolve into simply lights and darks. [After I got home I saw that one block is turned the wrong way, and I corrected it.]

And lest you should think we only worked and worked and worked--we did have FUN too! Here are a few of the gals one evening enjoying "Pudding Shots" -- which are made from a little instant pudding, and a stiff shot of vodka with liqueur for flavoring.

Thank you Donna for making them again!

The quilt top I previously could not get to load. Now it worked!

Altogether, a fun and very productive retreat. Now I have a few matters to finish off and I will be able to take credit for some UFO finishes.



Dianne's work to set up the retreat.
Meals all prepared for us.
Lynne's birthday dinner afterwards.

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Elaine Adair said...

I LIKE the brights in this L.C. Mine always seem to dreary, dark -- to shadowy, even though I AIM for bright and cheerful. Looks good!